January 21, 2019

Cisco partners with Israeli company CTERA to provide enterprise cloud security services

The partnership seeks to facilitate enterprises with storage, access and collaboration prowess while securing their infrastructure in the cloud.

Tech giant Cisco have partnered with Israel-based cloud company CTERA to secure file storage and access for enterprises deploying the cloud. With this alliance, Cisco will be fortifying enterprise cloud security whereas, CTERA will be gaining access to Cisco’s wide network of global enterprises.

According to Cisco, enterprises that are storing and sharing their files in the cloud need to secure their environments since their data is confidential in nature. They say that these files need to be stored, saved, accessed and shared among enterprises so as to facilitate collaboration.

By partnering with CTERA, Cisco claim that they will allow enterprises to replace legacy NAS (Network Attached Storage), disaster recovery and backup services with a single application that will reduce the cost considerably. They believe that this optimized file service that will be delivered from the edge to the cloud will enable their IT teams to oversee all aspects of enterprise security.

CTERA say that their application service duplicates and encrypts files in a WAN-optimized secure package. They say that this approach will act as a differentiator in Cisco’s offerings while providing enterprise cloud security.

Market analysts opine that this partnership made by Cisco will help them diversify their offerings. It will be exciting to see how the tech giant leverages this alliance, following their partnership with SAP for container management.