November 30, 2017

.UZ domain zone records an increase in domain names

Number of domain names registered increase by 4000 in a matter of just 7 months.

Domain registry

The .UZ domain zone has witnessed growth of 4000 domain names since April 2017. The domain name count, according to UZINFOCOM, a computerization and IT development center of Uzbekistan in the month of April was 32, 000 and has reached a new high of 36,000 names.

As per the sources, this acceleration can be attributed to different factors like emoji domain names, intense competition, business growth and New Year campaigns(which led to slashed prices of domain names). Sources also claim that the number of domain names have grown by more than 1000 over a month from its October record of 35,000 domain names.

According to the statistics on the domain zone administration website, the total number of domain name registrars in 2017 has grown up to 30 from merely 7 in 2008. Also, the new domains activated are close to 14000 with 819 awaiting activation.

According to sources, the economy of Uzbekistan is in a compelling position where the GDP has recorded a rise by 7% in the first half of the year. It would be interesting to watch the impact of the business growth on the domain names registered.