November 5, 2018

Alibaba partners with ONGO Framework to capture SMEs in India

The alliance aims to fortify Alibaba Cloud’s presence in the SMEs market in APAC by partnering with at least 100,000 companies in the sector.

SMEs in India

Alibaba Cloud have partnered with ONGO Framework to penetrate more than 100,000 SMEs in India. With this alliance, Alibaba Cloud aims to strengthen their APAC presence, whereas ONGO’s customers will be able to tap into Alibaba’s cloud computing solutions.

According to Alibaba Cloud, SMEs form a large part of their customer segment and they have been responsible for transforming them digitally across China, Japan, Singapore and other APAC countries. They say that India is a promising market because of a large number of SMEs and the increasing adoption of cloud technology in the market.

By partnering with ONGO Framework, Alibaba say that they will be able to penetrate more than 100,000 SMEs in India and help enterprises digitally transform themselves to compete in a hyper-connected and technology-driven business landscape. They further added that this alliance will allow Alibaba Cloud to provide businesses with infrastructure, platform and solutions, helping them integrate cloud computing into the enterprise’s system.

Speaking about the alliance, Rama Kuppa, Founder & CEO of ONGO Framework, commented:

Being chosen by Alibaba Cloud as a technology partner for its expansion within the Indian market is a major milestone for ONGO Framework.

We hope to play a key role in the journey of digital transformation of MSMEs in the country, facilitate better last-mile connectivity between businesses and customers, and make them globally competitive powered by Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud say that their expertise in e-commerce, logistics and fin-tech has helped them develop cloud solutions that can be customized. They also added that with this alliance, they can leverage their second availability zone in Mumbai that complements the first one built in January this year.

Alex Li, General Manager at Alibaba Cloud India, commented:

As a part of our growing partner network, we are excited to partner with ONGO Framework to support micro, small and medium enterprises in India to begin their digital transformation journey.

We believe ONGO Framework, as one of the industry experts, will play a significant role in fostering the development of digital transformation in India.

In closing, the cloud giant said that they will be complying with the local data regulations that have come into force in India very recently.