August 30, 2016

Nutanix acquires PernixData and

The acquisitions are Nutanix’s attempt at growing business while remaining private

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High-tech computing company Nutanix has announced the acquisition of two startups in order to enhance its data and storage services. Nutanix bought PernixData, a software company that facilitates data storage, and, a development and automation startup, both located in California. The financial aspects of the deals remain undisclosed.

The company said :

Adding the new technologies will enable Nutanix to improve the speed of its cloud computing platform and enhance or create new software products.

The CEOs of both the acquired firms pointed out that their company culture and technology were complementary with Nutanix’s.

Poojan Kumar, CEO, PernixData said :

One thing that keeps both these companies going is innovation.

It is said that the deal is a move to grow Nutanix’s business while remaining in the private market, despite the company filing for an IPO in December. Some experts say the acquisitions will further kick out Nutanix’s IPO, as the companies will need time to integrate their employees and technology.

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