November 19, 2018

Google’s new USD 600 million data center gets Nevada State’s nod

The new data center expansion is a result of a huge rise in Google’s customer base as well as the demand for their products and services.

new data center

Tech giant Google have gained approval from the State of Nevada, USA, to build a new data center worth USD 600 million in Clark County, near Las Vegas. With this data center expansion, Google seeks to cater to the increasing demand for their products and services. They will also be serving their newly added cloud-native customers.

According to Google, the U.S. cloud market has reached a stage of maturity where consumers understand the value of shifting their workloads to the cloud to accelerate their business. They say that enterprises bank on data centers to not only store sensitive business data but also to test, build and run applications in the cloud.

By expanding their data center prowess in the US market, Google believe that they will be catering to enterprises that are looking to leverage the tech giant’s products and services. They claim that the new data center project located at Henderson, Nevada will create 50 jobs in the next 4-5 years.

Google say that as a part of the USD 25.2 million tax abatement agreement with Nevada State, they will have total control over the data center whereas, their newly owned subsidy Design, will own the property. They further added that the project will receive 2% sales and 75% property tax abatement over 20 years worth USD 18.75 million and 6.5 million from the state.

The tech giant added that the data center will be furnished with a state-of-the-art facility and create more than 3000 construction jobs in the region. Since this will aid the economic development of the region, Google revealed that Nevada State and their resident are looking forward to this new hub.

Industry experts opine that Google’s choice of location is strategic in nature given the proximity to enterprises in the booming region of Las Vegas. They believe that the western region of USA will be strengthened with Google’s data center prowess, following their data center launch in South Carolina, a few months ago.

In closing, Google said that the data center will be unveiled in the first half of 2020.