November 19, 2018

Singapore inks cybersecurity deals with Canadian and U.S. govts.

The alliance aims to provide data sharing, technical certifications and capacity building services in a bid to boost lateral digital initiatives.


Singapore’s Cyber Security Agency (CSA) has signed an MOU with the Canadian and the U.S. government to boost cybersecurity initiatives in the country. CSA have signed a two year MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Canada’s Department of Foreign Trade and Development to provide technical certifications whereas, with the U.S. govt., they have signed a Declaration of Intent (DOI) to boost cybersecurity initiatives.

According to CSA, enterprises of all shapes and sizes are doing businesses online, as well as, expanding their presence across American and APAC markets. However, these enterprises face constraints when it comes to digital certification, information sharing and initiatives that take care of cybersecurity.

By signing deals with the U.S. and the Canadian govt., CSA claim that they are bridging the gap between enterprises by facilitating Cyber Capacity Programmes for Asian countries as well as providing data sharing and ecosystem strengthening capabilities. They claim that by making these provisions, enterprises in the U.S., Canada and Singapore will be able to boost bilateral trade.

CSA believe that training and certificate workshops keep enterprise resources updated with coping strategies against cyber attacks and threats. Whereas, data sharing and capacity boosting initiatives accelerate the region’s operational capabilities.

David Koh, CEO at CSA believes that international partnerships are key to solving transboundary cybersecurity issues. He further added that by collaborating with the Canadian and the U.S. govt., CSA will bolster Singapore’s image as an internet secure nation and entice more businesses.

Market analysts claim that this is a smart move by CSA to ward off cyber attacks from neighbouring nations. They also believe that this alliance will allow enterprises to expand globally without getting bogged down by cybersecurity rules.

It will be interesting to see how CSA makes the most of this deal, following the launch of data center by neighbouring company China Mobile. In closing, CSA said that they also have similar cybersecurity arrangements with France, Australia and India.