January 24, 2019

Frontier Communications unveil ‘Connect-Cloud’ for secure, private and dedicated access

The product aims to cater to increasing demand for real-time threat detection, data sovereignty, digital transactions and interactions while connecting with cloud providers.

ICT provider Frontier Communications have launched a secure and private cloud offering Connect-Cloud to provide businesses with dedicated access to cloud service providers. With this launch, Frontier seek to leverage their ethernet network to provide cybersecurity, data sovereignty, digital interactions and transactions while connecting users with cloud enablers.

Frontier Communications believe that the demand for cloud connectivity is on the rise for enterprises since the cloud enables them to accelerate workloads. In order to boost this connectivity, Frontier claim that they have partnered with Equinix to ensure that they fulfil enterprise cloud needs.

By unveiling Connect-Cloud, Frontier say that they will be improving cloud application performance for enterprises and also reduce latency issues. They claim that by fostering software development, Frontier will enable application innovation and bring visibility into enterprise networks.

This visibility, Frontier say, will pave the way for instant threat detection and mitigation of cyber risks. They claim that along with this security, enterprises will also be able to provide scalable and easy to deploy cloud services regardless of the business’ size or geographic location.

Market analysts opine that the collaboration with Equinix will set a new standard of network performance and cloud services for competitors. It will be interesting to see how Equinix help Frontier with this alliance, following their USD 85.3 million data center investment in Singapore.