January 24, 2019

AWS launch ‘WorkLink’ for simple and secure mobile intranet access

The product is designed to give employees easier access to company intranet sites and applications from their mobiles, without compromising on security.

Tech mogul AWS have unveiled their latest cloud-based offering WorkLink to ease mobile intranet access to company websites and applications. With this launch, AWS aim to make an organization’s content accessible to their employees without putting that content at risk.

According to AWS, organizations already have a security mechanism in place to access their company’s information remotely. They say that technologies like VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and MDM (Mobile Device Management) are costly, complex, difficult to configure and drive employees away from accessing information.

This, AWS believe, can affect the organization’s culture of connecting ‘anytime anywhere’ and hamper collaboration but most of all demotivate employees from accessing content.

By launching WorkLink, AWS claim that they can facilitate secure access through mobile devices by leveraging vector graphics. As explained by AWS, this is how it works—every time an employee tries to access the company’s content through their device, AWS sends the content as a vector graphic which is not static in nature. They further added that any remote worker’s device will never be connected to the company’s network directly and the content will never be cached on the phone.

AWS say that this service, as of now, is available on iOS devices and it will soon be up on Android phones as well. It will be interesting to see how AWS provide end-to-end security to enterprises, following this launch and the acquisition of threat detection firm Sqrrl.