January 28, 2019

Connectria, Spinnaker partner to deliver the cloud to SAP and Oracle customers

The partnership seeks to help enterprises running Oracle and SAP to migrate their on-premise applications to the cloud of their choice.

Managed services provider Connectria have partnered with SAP and Oracle facilitator Spinnaker Support to deliver cloud-based services to their customers. As per the terms of the deal, Connectria will help enterprises deploying Oracle and SAP applications to migrate their workloads to cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, VMware, IBM AIX, etc.

According to Spinnaker, many organizations running applications on SAP and Oracle are looking at various platforms to scale their offerings. They say that both Oracle and SAP are great as far as application building and orchestrating is concerned but lack the flexibility of cloud platforms.

By partnering with Connectria, Spinnaker believe that enterprises can easily migrate workloads to various managed cloud platforms provided by them. They say that enterprises can leverage these platforms according to their requirement and scale their offerings in no time.

Scott Azzolina, VP of Strategic Alliances and Channels at Connectria claims that this partnership will help them reach a completely untapped segment. They say that this move will help their organization position Connectria as a brand that understands the needs of those interested in moving to the cloud.

Through this partnership, Spinnaker say that their customers will cover multiple cloud platforms including, Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX. It will be exciting to see how Connectria takes this alliance ahead, following their partnership with Epsilon to deliver on-demand cloud.