March 28, 2018

China Mobile partners with Nokia Nuage and Huawei to boost cloud

The alliances seek to respond to growing appetite for cloud services across the globe.

Tech giants

Chinese telecom company China Mobile has partnered with Nokia Nuage Networks and Huawei to boost their cloud services. As per the terms of the partnership, China Mobile will extend their SDN network with the help of Nokia Nuage whereas Huawei will help China Mobile consolidate cloud network strategy in South-East Asia.

According to China Mobile, Nokia Nuage’s VSP (Virtualized Services Platform) will allow enterprise customers to expand their offerings in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. They also claim that the platform not only supports multiple cloud management systems but also provides security across virtual networks.

Speaking about the alliance with Nokia Nuage, a spokesperson for Nokia commented:

A centralised policy manager and SDN controller automate the configuration, management, and optimisation of virtual networks, including security services that provide tenant isolation and access controls to individual applications and workloads.

The Nuage Networks VSP combines policy-based automation, large scale and high performance with multi-tenancy, resiliency, and comprehensive end-to-end security.

Along with expanding their multi-cloud abilities, China Mobile claim that they will be simplifying cloud migration for enterprises in South-East Asia by partnering with Huawei. They also say that they will do so by providing a secure platform having a global network of connectivity.

Speaking about the alliance, Dr. Li Feng, CEO of China Mobile, commented:

By leveraging resources and technical capabilities, the cloud+connection services jointly launched by both parties will meet cross-border business requirements of enterprises, creating value for government and enterprise customers in Southeast Asia.

Echoing Li Feng, Wu Weitao, President of Huawei’s Southeast Asia Region, commented:

The combination of CMI’s global network and Huawei’s agile public cloud resources will help Chinese-funded enterprises to quickly go global, and help foreign-funded enterprises to quickly bring their business into Southeast Asia.