May 26, 2016

Jelastic partners with Packet to offer all-inclusive PaaS + CaaS solution

Jelastic announces a partnership with Packet to offer a turnkey package of software and infrastructure for hosting providers and ISVs

Jelastic today announced a partnership with Packet, a provider of bare metal cloud servers for developers in the US and Europe. The goal of the partnership is to offer an all-inclusive PaaS and CaaS solution for hosting service providers and ISVs.

“Ease of use and speed of deployment getting a bare metal performance without limitation on the network level significantly simplifies the entry point for many service providers and ISVs that want to benefit from container automation. In combination with really attractive price, Jelastic solution on top of Packet infrastructure makes the move to the cloud and containers orchestration really smooth and cost-efficient,” said Ruslan Synytsky, Jelastic’s CEO.

Jelastic and Packet have released special packages that enable service providers to offer container hosting solutions and generate superior ROI without significant infrastructure investments, they claim. Full production clusters start at just $12 per day, while a second offering targeted at the ISVs market and provides a turnkey private cloud package for DevOps teams for just $5 per day.

The company claims to have built the service from the ground up to help DevOps forward organizations, Packet’s automation platform provisions powerful bare metal servers, elastic networking, and block storage in less than 10 minutes. Currently available in three strategic locations (New York, California and Amsterdam), all Packet services can be deployed and managed via API, portal, or dozens of integrations.

“We’re thrilled to flex the muscles of our platform with Jelastic’s best-in-class private and cross-cloud management software.” said Zachary Smith, CEO of Packet. “Backed by our innovative global network, which offers native IPv6 support and the ability to announce your own IP space, our on-demand servers are a natural fit for Jelastic and its performance-oriented customers.”

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