May 25, 2016

ResellerClub launches Cloud Hosting with the simplicity of Shared Hosting and cPanel

Boasts features such as one-click upgrades, varnish caching, easy-to-use performance dashboards, data mirroring and more.

ResellerClub, the web hosting and domains provider, has entered the cloud based infrastructure segment with the launch of Cloud Hosting on their platform. Cloud has been quite the buzzword in recent years and owes its popularity to the high performance and unmatched flexibility that it offers.

ResellerClub’s interpretation of Cloud Hosting claims to offer all the benefits of the cloud with the familiarity of a cPanel interface which has been the gold standard for shared hosting users for a while now.

ResellerClub launched Cloud Hosting early last week and will roll it out in its glocalized markets by the end of the month. Speaking about the launch, Shridhar Luthria, General Manager and Business Head of ResellerClub said, “Our clients have waited with much anticipation for us to launch the product and we have left no stone unturned to make sure this meets their needs. The Cloud Hosting product is going to revolutionize entry-level hosting with double the speed, unmatched performance and high reliability.”

Shridhar added, “we wanted to ensure that cloud is accessible and usable to those who haven’t tried it earlier – so simplicity and immense power make this a compelling option! We at ResellerClub, have integrated the familiar administrator dashboard – cPanel and architecture comparable to shared hosting while allowing for dynamic RAM allocation and upgradable CPU. We have seen fantastic uptake in the first week and are eager to roll this out to all our markets!”

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