September 16, 2016

Zerto launches Zerto Virtual Replication for HPE Helion CloudSystem

The company has launched a new disaster recovery solution specifically designed for HPE Helion CloudSystem

Zerto, a provider for disaster recovery software, is upgrading its disaster recovery solutions with the launch of Zerto Virtual Replication, a product specifically designed for HPE Helion CloudSystem environments.

HPE will be distributing the product to customers using the HPE Helion CloudSystem, which is a software-hardware hybrid cloud solution.

Paul Zeiter, President of Zerto said :

As companies of all industry types and sizes continue to embrace cloud-based IT infrastructures, they’re facing the challenge of building hybrid cloud capabilities that improve their IT resilience and help keep mission critical operations moving forward no matter what comes their way.

The company claims that Zerto Virtual Replication will provide business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities for cloud solutions. They also claim to provide protection for CloudSystem applications, allow recovery point objectives of mere seconds and a recovery time objective of minutes.

The company says that using both CloudSystem and Zerto means that users can remain free of disasters caused by human error, or in more serious cases like ransomware attacks or natural disasters.

Zeiter added :

Zerto’s software coupled with HPE CloudSystem offers a highly resilient and flexible platform supporting IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud service models that helps customers achieve full protection from any outage and a competitive advantage.

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