March 5, 2019

Wipro, RiskLens partner to offer government and enterprise customers with cybersecurity services

The partnership aims to meet the demand for cyber protection by providing risk analysis and insights to customers.

IT giant Wipro have joined forces with cyber risk analysis provider RiskLens to provide government and enterprise customers with cyber protection services. With this partnership, RiskLens will be leveraging their CRQ platform (Cyber Risk Quantification) to perform risk analysis, measure the effectiveness of cybersecurity and provide insights for rational investments for cyber protection.

Wipro say that cybersecurity is the need of the hour for government as well as business enterprises. They claim that this need has grown in the past few years because of the progress in technologies such as cloud, IoT and AI.

However, Wipro say that securing data at the endpoints for such technologies is challenging, given the number of existing network loopholes. They say that not all discrepancies that exist in the networks get detected or eradicated completely.

Hence, by partnering with RiskLens, Wipro say that they will integrate the former’s CRQ platform to analyse quantitative cyber risks and provide insights to mitigate the same. They further added that this paltform, when merged with their FAIR model (Factor Analysis of Information Risk), enteprises can avail the rationale for adequate cybersecurity investments.

Industry experts believe that this platform integration will help Wipro’s clients take better decisions when it comes to cybersecurity integrations. It will be exciting to see how the partnership turns things around for enterprises after Polyverse announced their partnership with Red Hat.