October 6, 2016

VMware to team up with AWS in a cloud pact

Former rivals join forces to make it easier to run VMware software on AWS

Fortune has reported that VMware is about to announce a partnership with AWS. The goal is to make it easier for customers to run VMware software on their own internal servers and also on Amazon’s public cloud infrastructure.

Three years ago, VMware’s Chief Executive had described Amazon Web Services as a mortal enemy to VMware and its partners. However, according to Fortune, sources close to both companies have confirmed that an announcement is expected in San Francisco next Thursday by AWS Chief Executive, Andy Jassy.

Patrick Gelsinger, CEO of VMware said:

We want to own corporate workload … We all lose if they end up in these commodity public clouds.

We want to extend our franchise from the private cloud into the public cloud and uniquely enable our customers with the benefits of both.

By “commodity public cloud,” he meant AWS.

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