July 6, 2016

UOL introduces Openstack public cloud for Brazilian SMB market

The service offers more flexibility to cloud environment management and charges users in Brazilian reais

UOL HOST, the hosting, web service and cloud computing unit at UOL, the Brazilian digital giant, has widened its Cloud Computing portfolio and is now offering a cloud service with OpenStack platform, seeking to offer clients flexibility in creation and management in their computing environments.

Roosevelt Nascimento, UOL product general manager:

UOL HOST is now offering a cloud computing platform with auto scaling, API, and all the flexibility offered by a public cloud developed, maintained and updated by developers, without creating a lock-in dependency on their Cloud providers. With OpenStack platform, UOL HOST is a pioneer in the domestic market by offering a public cloud for retail, in a “self-service” model.

OpenStack is an open source platform which offers flexibility in creation and management of the computing environment and cloud storage, with a web based control panel and API for virtual machine management, networking, discs and load balancing.

The UOL HOST OpenStack platform offers full expense control with through pre-paid systems. The cloud is billed per hour up to its monthly cap, in Brazilian reais.

For more information, go to: uolhost.com.br/openstack

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