July 6, 2016

IBM SoftLayer now Ubuntu certified cloud partner

Announcement rounds off a long list of Ubuntu and IBM platform partnership announcements recently.

IBM’s SoftLayer cloud infrastructure division has partnered with Ubuntu to offer users certified Ubuntu Linux images, providing access to all the latest Ubuntu features, compliance accreditations and security updates to SoftLayer customers.

Officially, SoftLayer is now an ‘Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud partner’ for Ubuntu guest images, touting an optimized Ubuntu experience for SoftLayer bare metal and virtual servers.

The Ubuntu cloud guest image updates with publication, development, and maintenance across all availability zones, and Ubuntu wants SoftLayer users to know that it can offer quality assurance with the fastest security patching of any Linux provider out there.

Alexander Gallagher, Ubuntu’s director of business development, said :

This latest announcement nicely complements our recent work and broad partnership with IBM across platforms such as LinuxOne, Power and Z Systems.

Pedro Pessoa, head of operations at Server Density, said:

We moved to Softlayer three years ago, looking for bare metal servers with a great provisioning API and the option of adding virtualization for specific workloads. Now, with official Ubuntu images on Softlayer, we look forward to an even more consistent experience across both machine types, optimised performance, frequent updates, timely security patches, and the option of purchasing enterprise-grade support.

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