February 19, 2019

LG CNS, AWS partner to gain cloud market share in APAC by offering migration services

The alliance seeks to acquire more enterprise customers that are looking to transform themselves digitally.

Tech giants LG CNS and AWS have joined hands to boost their cloud market share in the APAC region. As per the terms of the deal, both entities plan to acquire enterprise clients by offering quick cloud migration services to digitally evolving organizations.

LG CNS, the IT servicing SBU of LG, claim that the APAC market has a huge potential to grow digitally given the number of enterprises depending on traditional IT architectures. They say that some of these enterprises, which use a hybrid model, are looking to completely transform themselves into an out and out digital powerhouse.

By striking a strategic alliance with AWS, LG CNS say that they will be able to penetrate the APAC market further by leveraging the former’s presence in the region. They say that AWS’ access to cloud networks and their platform’s capabilities will allow LG CNS to deep dive and acquire a new segment of customers.

LG CNS claim that with this partnership, every enterprise that aspires to compete on a global scale will be able to meet its vision for the cloud. They say that AWS’ ‘50 in 50’ migration program that encourages enterprises to choose their cloud strategy and develop and release apps with minimal incidents, will play a key role in enticing customers.

Market analysts say that this alliance will help enterprises to scale quickly if the program satisfies the expectations of the customers. It will be interesting to see how LG CNS take this deal ahead with AWS, following AWS’ partnership with VMware in the APAC market.