August 8, 2016

Unigma announces beta release of its Cloud Comparison Calculator

The new offering will give service providers the capability to compare and select public clouds before enrolling for them

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Last week, Unigma, a cloud management platform announced the beta release of its Cloud Comparison Calculator. Unigma supports IT departments and IT service providers who are using  AWS, Azure or Google IaaS public clouds also known as the “Big 3” cloud providers.

The new tool empowers evaluation of cloud choices prior to enrolling. With the accelerated growth of the public cloud services market, many IT service providers are turning their attention to evaluating which of the three largest cloud providers will work the best for their needs.

Unigma’s founder, Kirill Bensonoff said :

Previously, IT service providers and IT departments did not have a solution that would help them easily compare costs amongst AWS, Azure or Google to assist in figuring out which cloud is most cost effective, before making the move. The tool will assist in comparing costs for virtual machines, storage and databases as a start.

Unigma will make a Beta release version of it’s Cloud Comparison Calculator available as a complimentary tool that compares costs between the “Big 3” cloud providers.

Earl Follis, senior analyst, SSG-NOW said :

Unigma takes the idea of multi-cloud management in the right direction, and solves concrete problems IT experiences today – namely, managing performance and cost, and automating multiple public clouds.

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