February 12, 2019

Tripwire selects Network Intelligence to protect system infrastructure

With this alliance, Tripwire aim to seal network loopholes that exist in enterprise architectures by providing detection and profiling capabilities.

IT security facilitator Tripwire have partnered with Network Intelligence to protect enterprise architectures with their detection and profiling prowess. With this partnership, Tripwire’s customers will be able to secure their IT networks by leveraging the SOC (Security Operations Center) that provides vulnerability detection and eradication prowess.

Tripwire say that in spite of spending millions on cybersecurity products and services, myriad virus attacks continue to penetrate enterprise IT infrastructures. According to their research, Tripwire claim that these viruses can enter networks because of loopholes like system vulnerabilities, lack of network segmentation, unsecure hardware and software configuration.

By partnering with Network Intelligence, Tripwire say that enterprises looking for cybersecurity solutions will leverage the SOC center built for them. They believe that by forging this alliance, enterprises can monitor, detect and eradicate virus attacks in a matter of minutes.

Speaking about the benefits provided by this SOC, Tripwire claim that enterprises will be able to:

1. Detect and profile critical attacks

2. Determine vulnerabilities

3. Identify rogue devices if any

4. Provide secure network access

5. Secure access to sensitive and critical data

Alex Bagwell, Global Channel Director of Tripwire states that enterprises will be able to customize their security needs and requirements to protect their networks. He firmly believes that enterprises will be able to expand to larger markets without worrying about attacks.

Market analysts believe that enterprises from all sectors will benefit from this alliance, but the ones belonging to the industrial sector will benefit the most. It will be interesting to see how enterprise security takes form with this alliance after Singtel partnered with Argus to ensure security in the cloud.