January 29, 2019

Singtel partners with Argus to strengthen cybersecurity prowess of Singapore’s transport sector

The alliance will work towards the development of the IoT sector in the country in a bid to secure transport connectivity.

Israel-based Argus Security has partnered with Singtel (Singapore Telecom) to strengthen the latter’s cybersecurity prowess in the transportation section. As per the MoU signed by the entities, Argus will fortify Singtel’s R&D for cybersecurity and work towards the development of IoT, which is taking shape in the transport industry in Singapore.

Singtel believe that cloud adoption in the Asia Pacific region has catapulted other technologies like IoT, AI and ML. They say that certain industries and sectors, such as travel and automobiles, where innovation and connectivity have made many breakthroughs are adopting these technologies at great pace.

According to Singtel, transport is one growing sector in Singapore which needs immediate attention since innovation and product development need to be complemented by security and protection. They say to ensure the longevity and sustainability of such products, ensuring that they are protected against virus attacks is necessary.

In order to bring this vision to fruition, Singtel say that they partnered with Argus to fortify the cybersecurity prowess of the transport industry in Singapore. They say that with this alliance, both entities will focus their efforts towards building and developing robust cybersecurity products that can protect IoT environments and enhance connectivity.

Singtel claims that as a part of their alliance, both entities will conduct the research at the Singtel CSI (Cyber Security Institute). They say that this partnership will pave the way for new age solutions for next-generation vehicles in the country.

Experts believe that the announcement of the deal is timely given the introduction of autonomous vehicles in the country. It will be interesting to see how Singtel takes this alliance ahead, following their partnership with Trustwave for cybersecurity solutions.