June 27, 2018

Threat X extends its SaaS-based WAF solution with threat detection capabilities

The move aims to help global customers identify, profile, and intercept threats like DDoS, Bot and zero-day attacks to improve applications performance.

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Cybersecurity company Threat X has extended its SaaS-based WAF (Web Application Firewall) solution with threat detection capabilities in order to boost the security of applications. With this extension, Threat X will enable their customers to intercept, identify and profile threats like DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), Bot and Virus attacks.

Threat X say that security teams often face challenges when it comes to protecting their IT environments. They claim that these teams end up managing multiple security products when protecting mission-critical applications is a priority.

By extending threat detection and neutralization capabilities in their WAF solution, Threat X believe that they will be removing this obstacle faced by security teams. They also say that with this addition, security teams can deploy the WAF solution within hours.

Explaining the additions that are made in the solution, Threat X say that the WAF product will have:

1) Dynamic detection and neutralization capabilities – To help companies intercept and profile Bots, DDoS, and zero-day attacks.
2) Container-based, native-cloud and SaaS deployment – To allow companies to deploy Docker native containers in public and private clouds so that Threat X can block attacks quickly.
3) Advanced edge caching and site performance tuning – To address issues prevalent in slower, back-end applications and content-heavy web properties.

Speaking about this extension, Bret Settle, CEO Threat X, commented:

In today’s dynamic threat environment, security teams struggle to put together a comprehensive web application security approach, often deploying several standalone products that simply can’t provide a holistic view into vulnerabilities and threats.

We believe that by combining these new capabilities with our proven behavior-based, next-gen WAF, we are helping our customers take a huge leap forward in how they deploy and manage their web application security.