June 27, 2018

ClearDB powers mission-critical customer portal for Colt Data Center

The move aims to provide Colt’s customers with geographically redundant database infrastructure that ensures easy access to the portal.

DC Blox

IT service facilitator ClearDB have partnered with Colt Data Center to provide them with DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) solution in a bid to ease access to the latter’s mission-critical portal. With this alliance, Colt Data Centers can leverage ClearDB’s sophisticated architecture that ensures low-latency to MySQL-powered applications along with data availability.

Colt say that data center customers need access to mission-critical applications to manage their workloads on a frequent basis. They claim that customers need to replicate data between geo-redundant locations to ensure business continuity in case of failure of a particular location’s infrastructure.

By providing their DBaaS service, ClearDB claim that they will be providing Colt’s customers with a safer and a more reliable way to get data to applications that can be anywhere across the world. Speaking about the move, Allen Holmes, Vice President of Marketing and platform alliance for ClearDB, commented:

We are pleased to support Colt Data Centre Services colocation services and clients. Our single-tenant dedicated database solution provides customers with a faster, stronger, safer and more reliable way to get data to applications no matter where the applications are in the world.

Colt are equally pleased to see their portal powered by ClearDB’s one-of-a-kind solution. Romain Tranchant, IT Transformation Director, Colt Data Centre Services, commented:

Database uptime and resiliency are paramount for us, so we needed an extremely stable, resilient and well-managed database service.

With ClearDB, we can focus on our customer service and never have to wonder why our database isn’t working or why our customers can’t access their equipment. That is the most valuable thing to us.