June 27, 2018

EdgeMicro selects Compass Datacenters’ BitBox platform for data center management

The move seeks to leverage Compass’ unified infrastructure monitoring platform in order to boost EdgeMicro’s expansion plans.

Telecom giant

Co-location firm EdgeMicro has chosen Compass Datacenters’ BitBox BMS platform for edge data center management. With this move, EdgeMicro aims to see through their expansion plan across North America by leveraging Compass’ platform that monitors managed distributed IT infrastructure through a unified system.

EdgeMicro say that the demand for co-location spaces and edge data centers is on the rise. They claim that in order to meet this demand, they are planning an overall expansion across the North American region, targeting 30 cities in their first phase and thereafter rapidly progressing

By partnering with Compass Datacenters, EdgeMicro believe that they will gain access to streamlined information across different IT environments that can help them solve latency issues for MNOs (Mobile Network Operators). They also claim that this platform will inevitably scale with EdgeMicro because of its ability to manage more than a thousand facilities at once.

Speaking about the move, Jon Trout, Managing Director of BitBox, commented:

Our BitBox platform is designed to simplify and centralize distributed infrastructure management for providers. EdgeMicro will be using it as part of their solution for solving latency and backhaul challenges for MNOs and content providers serving mobile Internet users.

The BitBox platform will scale with them as EdgeMicro grows, allowing them to manage a thousand facilities with the same ease as managing their first implementations.