December 6, 2018

Taloflow unveils ‘Tim’, a real-time AI Cloud resource management software

The software aims to help companies deploying AI Cloud workloads on AWS to save up to 40% on wasteful resources.

AI Cloud

Taloflow have announced a new AI Cloud resource management software called Tim, for the deployers of AWS. With this launch, Taloflow seeks to help organizations deploying AI Cloud in AWS save up to 40% on wasteful resources in a bid to better the performance of applications hosted in the cloud.

According to Taloflow, enterprises deploying public cloud services end up integrating multiple resources and tools to boost the performance of their applications. However, these tools and resources though important in limits, end up consuming more power than expected and affect the performance of these applications.

By launching Tim, Taloflow claim that enterprises using AWS services will be able to reduce the spending on wasteful cloud resources by up to 40%. They say that in order to make this possible, Tim will be leveraging its monitoring prowess by continuously learning from the engineering team, to understand the impact of these resources on cloud-based workloads.

Shafin Diamond Tejani, CEO of Victory Square Technologies (Investor in Talowflow), believes that the focus on AI Cloud software to manage resources is a progressive step when it comes to upping the ante in the global cloud market. He claims that with Talowflow, Victory Square Technologies aim to save enterprises USD 10 billion in cloud spend by 2025.

Talowflow says that Tim operates in real-time and via their AI model calculates the company’s AI spend minute-by-minute. In addition to this, Talowflow claims that the software also provides tailored, actionable recommendations on cost savings through Slack.

Louis-Victor Jadavji, CEO of Taloflow claims that it was possible to conceive Tim since the Team at Victory Square Technologies was quite aggressive with their market expansion plans. He says that it was their valuable guidance for growth as well as a shared vision of both companies that could bring this software to life.

Speaking about the advantages provided by Tim, Taloflow say that the software provides:

1. Automated discovery and cost tags for all AWS resources,

2. Real-time AWS cost monitoring through AI cost model, and

3. Tailored, actionable recommendations on cost savings

It will be interesting to see how Taloflow makes the most of this AI Cloud software, following Google’s launch of their AI hub a month ago.