December 6, 2018

Karamba, Ficosa partner to protect smart mobility against cyberattacks

The alliance aims to strengthen Ficosa’s Telematics Control Unit (TCU), to keep vehicles protected from cyberattacks while communicating on the internet.


Karamba Security have announced an alliance with Ficosa to provide end-to-end security against cyberattacks with the help of their Carwall solution. With this partnership, Karamba seeks to protect Ficosa’s automotive and mobility unit called Telematics Control Unit (TCU) from rising cyber risks and attacks while communicating in IT environments.

According to Karamba, the rising number of cyber attacks have made it imperative for organizations to protect their critical data and information. They say that the automation and mobility industry faces these attacks often since vehicles need to be connected to the internet while executing IoT missions.

By partnering with Karamba, Ficosa say that they will be able to strengthen their Telematics Control Unit (TCU) and prevent cyberattacks that can affect vehicles executing IoT or other mission when connected to the internet. They claim that Karamba’s Control Flow Integrity (CFI) will be embedded in Ficosa’s development process without relying on the source code and negligible runtime performance.

Karamba believe that by hardening Ficosa’s TCU, the latter will be able to differentiate themselves in the market and entice a wide range of customers. They say that with this new development, Ficosa can cater to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers and reduce costs on data analytics and security products.

Edouard Rozan, Managing Director at Onboard Ventures (Ficosa International) is pleased with this alliance and is looking forward to the market’s reaction to this new integration. He believes that Karamba’s security prowess is a perfect match for Ficosa, given their in-vehicle control.

Ficosa, with this alliance, say that they will gain access to the top-tier segment which they had been planning to penetrate for long. They say that the partnership will allow them to protect smart mobility from cyberattacks, paving the way for a long business relationship with Karamba.

It will be interesting to see how Karamba and Ficosa make the most of this, following the alliance of Voith and Kudelski Group for cyber security.