March 25, 2019

Snowflake, Adobe join hands to improve customer experience by leveraging the cloud

The partnership seeks to empower customers with data-based decision making to drive customer experience on Adobe’s ‘Experience Cloud’.

Data warehouse facilitator Snowflake have partnered with Adobe to provide the latter’s customers with a better customer experience on their cloud platform Experience Cloud. As per the terms of the deal, Adobe will be leveraging Snowflake’s data warehousing capabilities as well as unique cloud architectural solutions to drive sophisticated multi-channel customer experiences.

According to Adobe, Experience Cloud is a platform that allows B2B customers to market solutions and leverage data analytics to drive sales. They say that this platform has the ability to understand the needs and wants of users when they visit their customers’ websites.

However, with the current data and business intelligence capabilities, Adobe say that they struggle with pinpoint insights that can help them drive customer experience further. Hence, to boost the same, Adobe have partnered with Snowflake so that they can leverage the latter’s data warehousing prowess to arrive at better decision making.

With this partnership, Adobe say that they can make the most of Snowflake’s business intelligence by drawing insights from huge data volumes. They say that this alliance will pave the way for smarter and quicker decisions that can drive impactful customer experiences.

Vince Trotta, Vice President of Strategic Customer Acquisitions at Snowflake states that the partnership will allow them to demonstrate their expertise in providing actionable insights. He also believes that this alliance will unlock new business opportunities for both enterprises and help them sustain in the B2B cloud space for long.

Market analysts say that Adobe will leave no stone unturned when it comes to boosting their customer-centric approach for Experience Cloud. It will be interesting to see how Adobe makes the most of this partnership, following their acquisition of Marketo for USD 4.75 billion.