May 10, 2018

Equinix launches data center in Japan; expands ECX Fabric in Australia

The double rollout aims to strengthen Equinix’s position in the APAC region.

Telecom giant

Data center provider Equinix have unveiled its 11th data center in Tokyo, Japan and also rolled out their Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric) in Australia. With these two major developments, Equinix aim to fortify their presence in the APAC (Asia Pacific) market.

Equinix say that they have witnessed high demand for cloud and data center services in the APAC region. They also claim that organizations in this region are asking for ‘on-demand’ services when it comes to their IT infrastructure.

In a bid to cater to these demands, Equinix say that they had expanded ECX Fabric, their software-defined connectivity in Japan initially. After successfully launching ECX Fabric, Equinix say that they invested USD 70 million in their 11th data center at Tokyo, Japan to meet the rising demands of customers in Japan.

Speaking about the data center launch, Samuel Lee, President of Equinix Asia-Pacific, commented:

This new facility in Japan will be the latest in a series of expansions across the Asia-Pacific region and highlights our ongoing commitment to enabling our customers to reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything.”

Japan continues to be an important market for us, acting as a key hub for the cloud and financial services industries across the entire region.

Shortly after rolling out ECX Fabric in Japan, Equinix say that they are furthering this endeavor in Australia as well. With this expansion, Equinix say that their customers can establish network connectivity with partners, customers as well as suppliers through a customer portal or APIs.

Explaining this launch, Jeremy Deutsch, Managing Director at Equinix Australia, commented:

Equinix continues to expand our interconnection capabilities in Australia and the availability of inter-metro connectivity via ECX Fabric. This further demonstrates our commitment to supporting our customers’ growth towards the digital edge.

We look forward to helping our customers take advantage of ECX Fabric in Sydney and Melbourne to form secure, easily scalable digital ecosystems with their customers, partners and service providers.

Industry analysts opine that Equinix’s strategy of unveiling ECX Fabric in Australia will be followed by another data center launch in Australia. They also believe that these developments will be interesting from a competitive point of view in the region.

In closing, Equinix said that they are planning to build data centers in Hong Kong and Singapore shortly.