March 25, 2019

Platform9 partners with Intersect to bring SaaS-based cloud to Aus and NZ

The alliance aims to accelerate cloud adoption and modernize IT infrastructure with hybrid platforms that ensure operational efficiencies.

SaaS-based hybrid cloud provider Platform9 have partnered with Australian technology and research enterprise Intersect to provide enterprises with solutions to boost enterprise productivity. With this alliance, Platform9 seeks to transform enterprises digitally and provide a unified cloud experience to manage workloads through a single-pane-of-glass platform.

According to Platform9, enterprises face obstacles at an operational level when it comes to managing workloads. They say that these obstacles occur as a result of a traditional mindset towards infrastructure architecture.

With architecture-level problems, Platform9 say enterprises need to revisit and realign their infrastructure so that managing their workloads becomes easy. Hence, in a bid to make this possible, Platform9 have partnered with Intersect to help enterprises deliver the experience of a hybrid cloud that works for the enterprise.

Platform9 claim that with this partnership, customers will be able to plug in through different environments and cut down operational inefficiencies. They believe that this alliance will also help them build technical bridges and decrease time-to-market of cloud applications.

Industry experts say that this partnership will benefit enterprises that have cloud as their long-term solution to build and orchestrate applications. With this deal, one can only wait and watch and see whether Platform9 replicates the success of Unitas, after they launched cloud security solutions for digital transformation.