March 25, 2019

Bolton Labs expands presence across South East Asia with Phylasso acquisition

The acquisition seeks to extend its global footprint and protect enterprises in the region from cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity firm Bolton Labs have acquired Phlyasso Security to protect businesses in South East Asia from cyber risks and attacks. With this acquisition, Bolton Labs will gain access to Phylasso’s fin-tech clients and extend its global footprint in a bid to secure enterprise IT networks.

Bolton Labs believe that tech enterprises and SMBs in South East Asia have boomed tremendously in the last five to ten years. They claim that this rise has exposed these enterprises to cyber threats as a result of network penetrations, IT architectural flaws as well as data migration loopholes.

Hence, Bolton believe that securing the IT infrastructure of such enterprises is of utmost necessity. They say that by protecting these environments, enterprises in South East Asia will be able to continue with business operations without any hiccups.

With this acquisition, Bolton Labs say that they will be able to expand their product portfolio and mitigate cyber risks by identifying and eradicating threats at the network level. They say that this acquisition will help them grow organically through strategic partnerships.

Industry analysts opine that this acquisition will help Bolton to address the issues of American as well as Asian markets on the whole and provide resources if necessary. One can only wait and see if Bolton really benefit from this deal, especially after Optus acquired Hivint to expand across APAC region.