July 27, 2016

Shaw and ViaWest partner with Console, enhancing connections to public cloud providers

The partnership gives customers secure connection to cloud partners including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

Shaw data centre and cloud solutions and ViaWest announced a partnership earlier this week with Console to enhance the efficiency and security of customer connections made to global public cloud providers through Console’s connectivity platform. This service was made available earlier today, and claims to allow businesses avoid unsecure open networks by connecting directly to cloud providers through Shaw and ViaWest data centers.

David Lod, Vice President , Shaw Data Centre & Cloud Solutions explains :

Our Console partnership extends our network and a reliable connection to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure clouds with privacy, speeds, and costs businesses can count on. This partnership simplifies cloud integration in a Hybrid IT plan to suit different IT workloads.

The direct link is said to improve the quality of the connection through guaranteed bandwidth, increased speed, lower latency, and the ability to access one or more cloud providers through a single connection.

Al Burgio, CEO of Console says :

As enterprises scale services on the cloud, security remains a top priority. Our interconnection platform offers a wider range of secure private connections to a global ecosystem of cloud services.

Console claims to provide businesses with a single connection to a global cloud without having to set up multiple or different connections.

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