August 24, 2018

SevOne extends SD-WAN monitoring prowess for VMware’s NSX

The expansion aims to provide instant visibility into enterprise and server networks with customized dashboards for managed service and network providers.

Cloud computing

Infrastructure management solutions provider SevOne have extended their SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wireless Area Network) monitoring capabilities for VMware NSX by VeloCloud. With this move, SevOne will be providing managed services providers with personalised dashboards to monitor enterprise and server networks and gain instant access to IT infrastructures.

According to SevOne, cloud and IT applications that are defined by software need a constant monitoring tool to keep a check on its infrastructure. They say that this visibility allows organizations to gather anomalies in the infrastructure and redefine performance indices for the application that is based on the software-defined cloud.

By expanding the monitoring capabilities for VMware NSX, an SD-WAN solution that tracks network infrastructure performance, SevOne claim that they will be providing insights to managed service and network providers across Wi-Fi campuses and data center hubs.

They say that this expansion will ease SD-WAN transition for enterprises, understand the relationship between infrastructure performance applications and also provide persona-based dashboards tailor-made for the business.

Speaking about this move, Jim Melvin, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Development at SevOne, commented:

MSPs require the ability to easily view and access detailed performance data from the complex services running across their MPLS-based services as well as newer, hybrid SD-WAN-based services.

By supporting VMware’s NSX SD-WAN, the SevOne SD-WAN Monitoring Solution enables MSPs to offer their customers real-time insight of the complex services running across the most complex infrastructures, and then extend that visibility across their entire network to continuously meet and exceed quality standards.