August 23, 2018

AT&T closes AlienVault deal to launch cyber security unit

The move aims to expand AlienVault’s reach of enterprise-grade security solutions to small business markets by leveraging AT&T’s global network.

Hybrid Cloud

Telecom giant AT&T’s SBU AT&T Business have acquired threat intelligence firm AlienVault in order to expand the latter’s security solution portfolio across small-business markets globally. As per the terms of the deal, AT&T will be adding AlienVault’s products under the AT&T umbrella and launch a new SBU dedicated to threat mitigation and cybersecurity.

AT&T believe that cloud and network enabling products can ramp up the operational capabilities of small businesses but these networks need to be safeguarded with cyber protection tools. They believe that the rising threats to data center networks have put vital and sensitive business information stored at these centers at great risk.

By acquiring AlienVault, AT&T will not only be expanding their suite of services but also allow AlienVault to access AT&T’s customer base. They say that AlienVault’s threat intelligence products will provide AT&T’s small-business customers with tailor-made solutions to protect mission-critical workloads.

AT&T believe that AlienVault’s threat detection and remediation capabilities will deepen the offerings that are served by them. They say that this deal will allow them to build AlienVault’s presence further in different markets without having to spend on product development.

Explaining the move, President of AT&T Cybersecurity Solutions and CEO of AlienVault, Barmak Meftah, commented:

Together, we have the opportunity to simplify a complex problem and automate how customers tackle their cybersecurity needs.

We will combine our phenomenal threat detection, incident response and compliance security platform with AT&T’s managed security capabilities, making near-real-time threat information actionable and achievable.