December 20, 2018

Serbia’s .RS ccTLD adds 13 languages

The addition of the .RS domain sees the ccTLD joining the global community of internationalized domain names having non-English characters.

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The Serbian National Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS) have announced that the .RS ccTLD has included 13 languages. With this addition, RNIDS say that the ccTLD is now a part of a global community of internationalized domains (IDNs) and will allow business and individuals from different countries to register for the domain.

According to RNIDS, the emergence of new businesses and growing digital awareness among industries in Serbia has led to an increase in the number of enterprises choosing the .RS ccTLD. In addition to this, they say that enterprises across Europe who do business with Serbians are also increasing because of simplified trade policies and business relations.

However, RNIDS claim that business from other European countries find it difficult to carry out transactions in the Serbian language. They also say that most of these countries are non-English speaking nations and prefer doing transactions in the local language.

By adding 13 languages to the .RS ccTLD, RNIDS claim that they will ease the communication and accelerate transactions done between them and other European countries. In a bid to facilitate the same, RNIDS claim that they have made characters in Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, German, Hungarian, Montenegrin, Romanian, Romany, Slovak, Slovene and Vlach languages available to the registrants of .RS domain.

RNIDS explained that during the initial registration period, only the registrants of the existing .RS domains will be allowed to register IDNs. They further added that registrants will be able to register new IDN .RS domains which have a corresponding, previously unavailable IDN character in place of ASCII characters. for e.g. “č” or “ć” instead of “c”, “š” instead of “s” etc.

It will be interesting to see how the registrants in Europe react to the .RS domain, especially after .CZ domain crossed 1.5 million registrants.