December 20, 2018

Adtech cybersecurity firm Devcon raises USD 4.5 million in seed funding

The investment seeks to prevent attempts made by hackers that use adtech as a catalyst to attack enterprises and organizations.


Devcon have rasied USD 4.5 million in seed funding to prevent cyber attacks planned by hackers that use adtech as a catalyst. With this investment, Devcon seeks to eliminate anomalies and nefarious items that make their way through adtech applications into the organization’s system.

According to Devcon, most existing solutions focus on things like verifying ad quality as well as impressions for ad bots. They say that these ad tech solutions are not fully equipped when it comes to stopping attacks or detecting malicious items.

By investing USD 4.5 million, Devcon say that they will be boosting their adtech cybersecurity platform’s ability to block malicious ads like pop-ups, redirects or unauthorized tags on an individual basis. They believe that this will help customers view individually blocked ads and track their source.

Maggie Louie, CEO at Devcon believes that some of the ‘adtech’ cyber attacks are potential threats to organizations and stopping them at a source level could be tricky. She also argued that this is a challenging space for adtech networks and publishers due to a lack of crossover between cybersecurity and ad ops.

Devcon say that a white-hat hacking approach has allowed them to counter attacks and stay ahead of the potential cyber risks that can occur in the adtech space. They also believe that with time, there will be enough resources that will help organizations combat cyber risks in adtech.

It will be interesting to see how Devcon makes the most of this investment in cybersecurity, following the USD 7 million investment in Alcide by CE ventures.