December 20, 2018

HCL Technologies partners with Cloudify for SDN networks

The alliance seeks to allow telecom providers to offer customized services in order to maximize their investments in 5G.

HCL Technologies

IT giant HCL Technologies have partnered with Cloudify to create dedicated SDN (Software Defined Network) connections. With this alliance, HCL aims to allow telecom providers to provide customized services, in a bid to maximize their investment in 5G networks.

According to HCL, telecom providers are facing a growing need to transform themselves digitally so as to keep up with market demands. They say that to meet these requirements, telcos are going through a transition from physical infrastructure to virtual components by shifting to cloud network functions.

By partnering with Cloudify, HCL claim that they will be utilizing the cloud provider’s platform for a new solution that will enable the latter to facilitate custom-made services for clients. They further added that this alliance will aid telecom providers reach their fullest potential while deploying IoT applications and services.

Sukamal Banerjee, Corporate Vice President at IoT WoRKS, HCL Techologies believes that the alliance will pave the way for the IT giant across the entire telecom ecosystem and position them at the fore when it comes to IoT services. He claims that HCL have made IoT as one of their important missions in their goals for the coming year, to compete with international players.

Cloudify agree with Mr.Banerjee’s statement and say that integrating all the new and existing technologies could be painstaking for telecom players. They opine that the demand for faster connectivity is the only reason enterprises are accepting this change and are further investing in products and services.

It will be interesting to see how HCL leverage their alliance with Cloudify, following their acquisition of eight IBM software products for USD 1.8 billion last week.