January 23, 2018

.CZ domain completes 25 years, grows beyond 1.3 million registrations

The ccTLD growth can be attributed to relaxed norms and business growth in the Prague region of Czech Republic.

CZ.NIC, administrator of Czech Republic’s .CZ ccTLD announced that they have completed 25 years of domain registration services to the customers in the country. They further added that the ccTLD has registered more than 1.3 million domain names since they took over in 1993.

According to CZ.NIC, stringent domain name regulations did not allow users to register for the .CZ ccTLD. They also said that the revision of the same rules in 1997 provided an influx of domain name registrations which stand to the number as of date.

Explaining this, Ondřej Filip, CEO of CZ.NIC said:

CZ is by far the most widely used domain in the Czech Republic. Two key events contributed to this fact: in 1997, relatively strict registration rules relaxed, which made it possible for natural persons to register domain names. Ten years later, CZ.NIC introduced its own FRED domain administration and registration system, which significantly accelerated the registration process and also made it cheaper.

He further added that this rise can be coupled with business growth in Prague and its adjacent region of Karlovy Vary. He further added that outside Czech, the .CZ domain names are registered in the regions of Germany, U.S and Slovakia.

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