September 16, 2016

Rackspace releases Managed Application Services for Microsoft Azure

Rackspace says that the delivery of the application to businesses helps them address a significant need in the market

Today, Rackspace announced the release of Managed Application Services for Microsoft Azure. Through this offering, Rackspace claims to introduce Fanatical Support to customers operating the Sitecore Experience Platform on Azure.

Rackspace has added 24×7×365 application expertise and operations support on the Azure platform which they say help customers’ e-commerce sites in delivering optimal performance and reliability.

Kyle Metcalf, GM, Rackspace said :

Delivering Managed Application Services to a growing number of businesses running digital applications on top of Microsoft Azure allows us to address a significant need in the market.

Rackspace says that the new offering will provide customers with 24×7 access to application and Microsoft Azure experts, which will help companies enhance their app’s performance.

Metcalf added :

Managing the full range of digital applications requires deep expertise.

By bringing our Fanatical Support up the stack to the application layer, we are able to provide unprecedented value to digital customers on Azure.

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