November 28, 2018

Comodo, 1-grid partner to provide websecurity to South African enterprises

The alliance seeks to expand Comodo’s global footprint in order to protect South African enterprises against DDoS and malware attacks.


Comodo cybersecurity have announced an alliance with 1-grid to provide websecurity services to South African enterprises. As per the terms of the deal, Comodo will be expanding into the South African market by bundling their cWatch website security with 1-grid’s hosting services, providing protection against DDoS and malware attacks.

According to Comodo, the South African market is filled with many small as well as medium enterprises that are cloud-native. Since these enterprises deploy new technologies to boost their application performance, Comodo say that they are also vulnerable to cyber risks.

By partnering with 1-grid, Comodo believes that they will be able to protect SMBs in South Africa from malware, DDoS and other cyber attacks. They say that by providing cWatch website security along with their web hosting services, Comodo can gain entry into the market very easily.

Jeffrey Eckhaus, Vice President of Web Security Solutions at Comodo explains that their alliance with 1-grid will streamline security integration for hosting customers. With just one click, Eckhaus added that businesses will be able to protect their applications from myriad cyber risks.

1-grid say that rising cybersecurity dangers are a test for startups and SMBs, with over 61% of the malware victims belonging to the small business segment. They say that the risk factors associated with these attacks are getting more severe and complex.

As per 1-grid, the most common breeding ground for cybercriminals is a compromised website. They further added that users who visit such websites, unknowingly end up downloading malware resulting in compromising the health of the website.

Thomas Vollrath, Head of’s hosting business, claims that their partnership with Comodo Cybersecurity is a perfect fit since their product portfolios complement each other. He also explained that both companies will be able to cater to the demands of the South African market rather easily, given their expertise in the market.

It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to this websecurity alliance, following Huawei’s launch of public cloud services in South Africa.