March 19, 2019

Pure Storage, Nvidia, Cisco unveil hyper-scale systems for enterprises

The launch seeks to combine its artificial intelligence platform with Nvidia’s hyper-scale systems to provide FlashStack, a high power and efficiency storage system.

Data storage provider Pure Storage have unveiled FlashStack for AI, a hyper-scale storage system for enterprises by partnering with Cisco and Nvidia. With this storage system, Pure Storage, Nvidia and Cisco will be leveraging the power of their AIRI (AI Ready Infrastructure) and Nvidia’s DGX-1 and DGX-2 hyper-scale systems to acquire business insights at speed.

Pure Storage say that AI environments need infrastructure that can help them store large volumes of information at ease. They say that these large sets of information help enterprises to draw insights that can be used for business intelligence.

According to Nvidia, majority of deployments for enterprises have been with an on-prem focus but with the cloud, the trend is changing slowly. They say that with this change and the integration of AI, storage needs to be efficient to draw information quickly.

Hence, by launching FlashStack for AI, Cisco, Nvidia believe that they will be allowing enterprises to access insights at speed and arrive at business decisions faster. They further added that this launch will pave the way for enterprises to build an AI system where the data set is.

Industry experts claim that the launch is a great idea for enterprises that are looking to transform themselves digitally. With this deal, one cannot help but think about the alliance between SnapLogic and Snowflake to convert data into insights.