February 8, 2019

SnapLogic, Snowflake extend alliance to quickly convert data into insights

The alliance aims to boost cloud-native enterprises with data warehousing prowess in a bid to provide them with business intelligence.

SnapLogic have extended their existing partnership with Snowflake to provide enterprises with business intelligence by leveraging the latter’s data-warehousing capabilities. With this deal, SnapLogic say that they will be converting a large volume of data quickly into business insights to simplify business decisions.

According to SnapLogic, enterprises need to access quality data to quickly form strategies and make decisions for business profitability. They say that since a large volume of data is stored by these enterprises, visualizing patterns and analyzing real-time information is necessary to gain business insights.

By extending their partnership with Snowflake, SnapLogic claim that they will be able to provide enterprises with visual data that can help them take quality decisions in record time. They believe that their Intelligent Integration Platform merged with Snowflake’s cloud-built data-warehouse will allow their business stakeholders to unlock unstructured and semistructured data and produce valuable propositions to customers.

Nakul Mistry, Head of Technology Partnerships at SnapLogic stated that customers are looking to ingest a large amount of complex data from multiple on-premise and cloud data centers. Hence, to empower enterprises with a platform that meets quick demand for insights and accomodates this large data, Mistry added that the alliance had to be extended.

Industry experts believe that this deal will prove to be beneficial to all kinds of enterprises leveraging big data in the cloud. It will be interesting to see how Snowflake and SnapLogic take this ahead, following Hortonworks’ big data alliance with Google Cloud.