March 18, 2019

European Union set to undergo cybersecurity overhaul after Council agreement

The move aims to protect European enterprises against cyber risks by creating a new structure to pool and network its expertise in cybersecurity, research and technology.

The European Union (EU) announced that they will be stepping up with their cyber risk protection capacities by creating a structure to pool and network with cybersecurity centers. With this development, the EU will be able to secure the market for enterprises and increase the EU’s autonomy when it comes to cybersecurity.

According to EU, enterprises in the European region need to secure their enterprise environments from a myriad number of cyber threats. They say that this situation made it mandatory for them to boost their cybersecurity mitigation progress.

The EU say that after a discussion within their Council’s permanent representatives, the Council arrived at the decision to establish a solid knowledge base and security center. They say that along with this center, they will also be launching a Network of National Co-ordinate Centers which will help secure and increase EU’s autonomy in cyber-security.

As per the EU, it is in their strategic interest to ensure that the capacities and capabilities that they have when it comes to network protection, can bolster an enterprise’s cyber risk mitigation. They believe that this boost will, in turn, give enterprises in Europe, a sense of security and confidence in handling cyber dangers.

Market analysts claim that they approve of this move and say that post this agreement, more enterprises will approach the EU with ideas to better their cybersecurity prowess. It will be interesting to see how the EU takes this further, following their alliance with Alphabet to protect government agencies from DDoS attacks.