March 19, 2019

Schneider Electric seals Vericlave deal to protect customers from cyber risks

The alliance aims to secure and protect Schneider’s customers’ critical IT systems at a network level from the risks of cyber attacks.

Multinational conglomerate Schneider Electric have partnered with Vericlave to protect their customers from cyber risks. With this alliance, Schneider seeks to protect their customers’ critical IT systems at a network level by leveraging Vericlave’s intrusion-prevention system that can be integrated across network perimeters.

According to Schneider, enterprises use cyber products to deal with endpoint and network loopholes but end up losing data because of an uncomprehensive approach of these products. They believe that with the loss of information, the situation of the enterprise is as good as losing information as a result of cyber attacks.

Schneider say that Vericlave provide deployers with an intrusion-prevention system that allows them to secure the communication tunnel between sites. They claim that this system overlays a zero-trust stealth model at the network perimeter to defend cyber attacks faced by the enterprise.

By partnering with Vericlave, Schneider say that they will be making the most of the former’s multi-layered approach that facilitates safe data transfer. They believe that this approach will allow their customers to secure their data across various environments.

Market watchers opine that this partnership will allow enterprises of all sectors to secure their IT environments with this solution. It will be interesting to see how Schneider takes this deal ahead, following their launch of ‘Edge Module’ data centers to support IoT devices.