April 4, 2017

OVH Joins the Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud Programme

Through this move, the companies will engage as partners for public cloud, VPS, bare metal and private cloud offerings

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This week, OVH, a leading global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider announced that it has joined Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud Programme.

According to Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, the move ensures that when OVH customers choose Ubuntu, they are secure in the knowledge that they have the latest Ubuntu version, authorized and secured by Canonical.

Udi Nachmany, Head of Public Cloud at Canonical said:

We have delivered same-day in-region patches, for every security update since 2013, which has minimized bandwidth costs and downtime for Ubuntu users running on those clouds. OVH users benefit from the same.

And as Ubuntu is also running 55% of production Openstack deployments, we are especially happy about a leading public cloud like OVH, based on Ubuntu Openstack, joining our programme.

OVH also announced that its customers will be able to use the same operating system, with the same dependable experience, whether they are working with OVH’s bare metal (dedicated servers) or cloud (public and private cloud, and VPS) services.

Germain Masse, Technical Director at OVH said:

As a business that has grown from small into a global giant, innovation has always been part of OVH’s DNA.

As part of the new partnership, Canonical will work with OVH to continue to optimize and adjust Ubuntu to new hardware and platform offerings laid out by the group for the customers.