October 21, 2016

.SITE reaches the 500,000 registrations milestone

The domain became the 6th largest selling extension in the new domains category

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This week, new domain extension .SITE has reached 500,000 registrations making it the third fastest domain extension to reach the milestone. The domain extension was launched last year in July and is managed by Radix.

It has been reported that the .SITE namespace is popular among innovative startups including Crowdsite, Lixpen, Besmart, etc. Startups, however, are not the only ones adopting .SITE extensions.

The domain extension also claims to be popular among various other sectors like web development, film, design and health care.

Pascal Rod, Executive Director of the International Federation for Nurse Anesthetist (IFNA), said in a testimonial :

Until now we were using another extension, because the ifna.com, ifna.net, ifna.org were already used.

We had to use ifna-int.org what is not really relevant.

The ifna.site domain is more concise and memorable, sounds easier to use and enhances our visibility.

Radix says that .SITE has successfully maintained a renewal rate of 62.7%, which implies that a majority of the customers on the extension’s namespace choose to continue with it and further their online endeavors. The extension’s namespace spans 192 countries.

Parag Barhate, Category Manager for .SITE at Radix said :

The success of the extension can be attributed to two characteristics – concision and elasticity.

Concision because it is a short reference to a web page on the Internet. It is relevant to individuals who wish to personalize their online presence and make it their own ‘site’, their own location on the Internet.

Secondly, .SITE is what we in the business call an ‘extremely elastic extension’. It isn’t specific to any industry or business; it can be moulded as per your wants and whatever they may be, it just fits.