February 16, 2018

Oracle to acquire security software company Zenedge

The acquisition aims to protect Oracle’s cloud-native customers from cyber threats and expand their DNS capabilities.

cyber protection

Tech mogul Oracle have acquired software maker Zenedge in a bid to expand their cloud portfolio and DNS (Domain Name System) proficiencies. With this acquisition, Oracle will provide secure and cost-effective cloud solutions by leveraging Zenedge’s WAF (Web Application Firewall) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) mitigation products.

According to Oracle, businesses deploying cloud, on-premise and hybrid IT environments are in need of secure infrastructure that supports the sophistication and architecture of enterprise level IT. They further added that with this acquisition Oracle will be augmenting their cloud services for businesses looking for innovative applications and network protection solutions.

Explaining this, Don Johnson, Senior Vice President of Product Development, Oracle, commented:

Customers demand enterprise-grade infrastructure to run their critical business systems in the cloud. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service delivers leading cloud services to address those needs. The combination with Zenedge equips Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with integrated, next-generation network and infrastructure security, to address modern security threats.

Oracle claim that adding Zenedge’s security products will help mitigate DDoS attacks as they reduce dangerous web traffic with a 99.75 percent improvement in page load time. Emphasizing this, Yuri Frayman, CEO of Zenedge, explained:

Customers achieve tremendous results with Zenedge’s innovative WAF and DDoS mitigation products, from a 99% reduction in illicit website traffic to a 99.75% improvement in page load time. We could not be more enthusiastic about joining forces with the leader in enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure, and delivering similar results to even more customers at scale.

Neither parties have disclosed the terms of the deal. However, Oracle said that until the time the acquisition deal is close, Zenedge will continue to serve its customers like always.