August 3, 2017

Oracle introduces a fresh range of updates for its cloud suite

The latest bi-annual updates to the Oracle Cloud Application Suite sees changes made to ERP, CX and CRM.

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Business technology giant Oracle has today revealed the latest installment of bi-annual updates that will be integrated into its Oracle Cloud Application Suite. Functional improvements to prime applications like Customer Experience (CX), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM), among others, are included as part of the company’s Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13.

While detailing a few of the updates, Oracle stated its revamped supply chain management tool will help companies manage inspections and quality control, as well as asset maintenance. As for ERP, the company says it is adding new financial and procurement tools. On the customer experience aspect, Oracle claims it has upgraded its Sales Cloud with enhanced mobile and data visualization capabilities, as well as a variety of new capabilities to increase sales productivity.

Speaking at length about the new updates, VP of Cloud Applications Development at Oracle, Liam Nolan, mentioned:

Three or four years ago, the market perception of Oracle would be we serve the enterprise level customer. By introducing these services via cloud, our entry point is getting smaller and smaller by the month.

Every customer thinks they are unique in some shape or form. By combining SaaS and PaaS, what we’ve seen is a greater acceleration of people adopting a broader set of Oracle services. They know they can configure those services and extend it. So if they have some peculiarities, they can essentially build their own app sitting on the same platform.

According to Oracle, the new updates will enhance the company’s ability to cater to several customer bases, from enterprises with global operations to small and medium scale businesses. However, Oracle still considers its enterprise customers as the driving force behind its strong cloud computing performance. After the final fiscal quarter of 2016, Oracle’s cloud-related revenue stood at USD 1.4 billion, up 64% from the same period in the previous year.