November 5, 2018

GE Digital integrates private cloud to its ‘Predix’ IoT platform

The move seeks to simplify IoT deployment for their customers by adding edge capabilities and device management solutions.

IoT platform

General Electric’s software SBU GE Digital have included private cloud capabilities to their IoT platform Predix. With this integration, GE Digital seeks to make IoT deployment easy for Predix users by adding device management solutions as well as edge capabilities to the platform.

According to GE Digital, Predix users have been using the platform to harness its analytics prowess to capture, process and understand data thoroughly. However, because of certain complexities that linger in the IoT platform (Predix), many users have not been able to fully unlock its true potential.

By adding private cloud prowess to the IoT platform, GE Digital believe that they will allow enterprise customers to move beyond the pilot stage of their IoT programs to full-fledged commercial deployments. They also say that the newly added capabilities will allow users to streamline their IoT deployments and make them more confident on the IoT platform.

Speaking about this move, Joe Nichols, COO and Vice President of Product Strategy at GE Digital, commented:

We believe we need to not only manage the device but also the software that our partners are producing. This allows customers to deploy Predix in a private cloud and run the apps natively in a private cloud environment.

In addition to private cloud, GE Digital claim that they have also integrated data support for remote environments and device management solutions into the platform. They claim that these additions will allow users to not only track but also manage various software on the device.

GE Digital believe that this platform can be leveraged by those who do not want to migrate to public cloud environments but still want to retain the applications they run on Predix. In closing, the software giant added that they are looking to consolidate Predix as a platform, following their alliance with Microsoft to strengthen their IoT prowess.