March 26, 2018

Oracle and DataBank expand cloud data centers in Texas

The expansion seeks to support increasing demand for cloud-based services in the region.

Telecom giant

Oracle and DataBank have expanded their cloud-based data centers in Texas, U.S.A. With these expansions, Oracle and Databank aim to respond to the rising demand for cloud services and contribute to the region’s economic growth.

Oracle say that their new cloud campus at Austin, Texas is built with state-of-the-art data center facilities. They also say that Oracle will be housing top-notch talent from the tech-enabled region.

Speaking about this in detail, Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle, commented:

Oracle is expanding in Austin to attract, hire and train the best talent to support the unprecedented growth of our cloud business. This campus will help enable our customers to accelerate their Oracle Cloud adoption and drive success.

According to Oracle, the Texas center is built to become a sales innovation center. They also believe that by acquiring personnel adept in cloud technology, they will be able to bring their vision to fruition.

Within Texas, another cloud service provider DataBank say that have unveiled their 145,000 sq.feet data center. According to Databank, they will be providing local enterprises with up to 9MW of power capacity.

DataBank say that Texas as a region is buzzing with cloud services and that businesses are revising their data center strategies. They also added that the location provides dual power feeds that could support almost 40MW of equipment.

Speaking about the expansion, Kevin Ooley, President and CFO of Databank, commented:

Opening our third data center in DataBank’s home city of Dallas is especially exciting to us. We are excited to contribute to this growing area in north Dallas that’s abundant with new enterprise relocations, top tech talent, and opportunity.

Industry analysts believe that investing in Texas is the right move made by Oracle as well as DataBank. It will be interesting to witness how both organizations make the most out of the Texas ecosystem for cloud and data center services.