March 26, 2018

ESW Capital acquires customer support provider Kayako

The acquisition aims to invest in creating better support experiences around Kayako’s integrated chat platform.

Consulting firm

Enterprise software and finance company ESW Capital have acquired customer support software provider Kayako. With this acquisition, ESW seeks to invest in Kayako in a bid to strengthen customer support features to better the integrated chat platform.

According to ESW, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to have a consistent and a unified approach to customers that spans across social, chat, email as well as phone. They further added that with this acquisition, enabling customers with an integrated experience will be possible.

Kayako say that with their unified platform, customers will be able to convert boring experiences into a much friendlier one. They also say that real-time experiences have become the order of the day when it comes to customer support.

Speaking about the acquisition, Andy Tryba, CEO of Kayako, commented:

Real-time messaging and multichannel support have become the expectations of today’s buyers. By pulling together the critical components of customer communication into one platform, Kayako enables companies to connect with their customers on a more personal level while providing the ultimate real-time service.

By creating an easy-to-use platform, Kayako say that they have gained popularity among various business communities. Speaking about this, Tryba added:

They created a platform that brings simplicity, transparency, and efficiency to support teams around the world. Our platform combines the best features of software like Intercom and Zendesk into one, highly effective, tool.

Companies can simplify their operational platforms and dramatically lower their cost, by using Kayako’s single powerful solution.